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Student Life

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Yong-Ren High School was founded in 1975 in the Yong Kang Area of Tainan, where there is a dense population and well-equipped public facilities. The school was a junior high school until 2005. It is now a school for students aged 12 to 17. The principle holds “ joyful learning, healthy growth and well-developed education ” as the school’s vision for the future. All the teachers and students work together to create a well-organized and friendly environment in which students feel comfortable and can develop the skills to learn effectively. The following is a brief introduction of school features:

1 、 Emphasizing on training well-behaved students: The school aims to train students with good habits in the hope of becoming good citizens in the future.

2 、 Exceptional classes for students in need: Apart from the mainstream education, Tzi-hui Class, financed by the government, is designed to meet alternative education. It is a program that offers help to teens from underprivileged backgrounds rebuild their self-confidence and encourage them to take responsibility for themselves.

3 、 Extensive campus and well-prepared facilities :YRHS campus is now 7 hectares wide. The newest building, which includes a big screen and a projector in every classroom, won the Real Estate Excellence Award in 2010. A new library and a classroom building will be ready for students next year.

4 、 International social activities: Expanding and enriching students’ world vision and experience, YRHS holds conferences for visitors from other countries, and oversea trips for students to Malaysia, Japan, and China. Various activities at school also provide opportunity for students to experience other cultures.

5 、 Diverse clubs for students: There are now 40 different clubs for students to choose from. The clubs are divided into several categories, from language learning, music playing, dancing, exercising, traditional crafts, and others.

6 、 Girl’s Basketball Team : Founded in 2002, Yong-Ren Girl’s Basketball Team has won three national championships in a row since 2004. The team has been invited to play in tournaments in the United States, Thailand, Japan, and China. They are determined to win the national champion this year as well.

7 、 The Graceful Dancing classes: Founded in 2002, the programs designed for the class are set to train professional dancers in the future. Although the number of students is small, the students and teachers devote tremendous amounts of time into dance practice. They have won several prizes in competitions and are always welcomed by audiences when they attend performance activities.

8 、 The Enrapturing Lion-Dancing Team: The Yong-Ren Lion-Dancing Team was formed by the children in the Tzi-hui class. The team is often invited to attend and perform for many schools. Their wonderful skills fully show the beauty of traditional art and are highly praised by audiences. It successfully plays the role of a bridge between the school and the neighborhood.


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